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Wednesday, 30 April 2014
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Xero is online accounting software for accountants and small businesses.

Xero is redefining the business of accounting by connecting advisors like accountants and bookkeepers with their clients, in the cloud.

Cloud-based accounting software lets accountants, bookkeepers and their clients access the same numbers at the same time, whenever they need it.

Xero is so good at crunching numbers behind the scenes, you'll have plenty of time to focus on building relationships and advising clients.

Having your whole team connected through Xero means your staff have everything they need to get work done, at their fingertips. Review clients' data, produce management reports and build financial statements in no time at all.

With Xero, your clients and their books are never far. Work from home and balance your life a little better -- even during tax time. It allows you to transition to value-based billing -- bundle your services monthly, take on more clients and just keep growing.

By switching to Xero accounting software, you can run your business how you've always wanted to. Find out more about partnering with Xero: xero.com/partners/

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