Making your money work for you is the key to growing your wealth. Building a secure future doesn’t happen overnight. It’s about taking a long-term view of where you want to be and taking control of your overall financial planning position.

Pinnacle Tax & Accounting together with in-house Pinnacle Advisory Services Group [“PASG”] can help you review your personal, business and investment strategy to help you achieve your financial and wealth creation goals.

Investing is a powerful way to grow your wealth, however, most people find matters concerning their financial affairs and investments confusing. As a consequence tend to neglect or delay making effective plans for their future. Pinnacle Tax & Accounting together with in-house Pinnacle Advisory Services Group [“PASG”] will help you put the puzzle together, piece by piece, to enable you and your family to achieve your taxation, superannuation, wealth creation and end financial freedom goals.

We all dream of financial freedom once we retire, but in order to achieve this, you need to put a plan in place now in order to reach your chosen goals.


Did you know changes to the Superannuation Industry Supervision (SIS) Act now enable you to use your superannuation to borrow and invest directly in property?

Craig and the team at Pinnacle Tax & Accounting begun doing my personal finance, tax, and financial planning services over 7 years ago. This has since developed into PTA managing the finances for my business and personal financial endeavours. Pinnacle Tax & Accounting epitomise, traditional values, impeccable customer service, and always present things in a way that it easy to understand. With Craig and the team, you always know where you stand, and can rest assured that they will always be serving in your best interest and finding the best way to manage your business and personal finances. The sheer depth of knowledge, education, and currency with Craig and the team is something that stands out for me. They are up to date with the latest cloud accounting practices, they provide phenomenal advice, support and guidance every step of the way, from the establishment of my trust, my business and accounting system, PTA was there for me all the way. I couldn't recommend a more competent, responsive and friendly accounting and financial serves firm than PTA Group.

Kevin Spiteri - Managing Director

Menace Group

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